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It is a conversation that would have been unimaginable not so long ago, when Krkic was the boy who had it all.

Schooled at Barcelona’s La Masia academy from the age of eight, he was the classic child prodigy.

The players used to have a lot of confidence, things simply worked themselves. But definitely that was the perfect game, because we won 5-0 against Real Madrid.” Four years on That was the back end of November 2010.

Four years on and Krkic is preparing for Burnley’s visit to the Britannia Stadium on Saturday.

Sitting in the canteen at Stoke City’s training ground, Bojan Krkic’s eyes light up as he thinks back to his cameo in an epoch-defining clásico and what is widely regarded as one of the most complete team performances of all time.

Pep Guardiola’s Barcelona were leading 4-0 against Real Madrid at the Camp Nou, revelling in passing their bitter rivals to death, when Krkic, a 20-year-old substitute, replaced David Villa and quickly made his mark.

Also, I played well and scored, so that year was important for me.

In the second year, they changed the trainers [Guardiola was appointed], and the chances and opportunities were different. I stayed for a further three years, there were moments when I was a very important player for the team and I always gave my best every day.” Krkic, who is speaking through a translator but confident enough to answer some questions in English, comes across as a likeable guy and one of those players who probably benefits from an arm around the shoulder at times.

Yet listening to Krkic rowing back over the four seasons he spent in and around the first-team, a picture emerges of a club where the pressure and expectation is close to intolerable at times, in particular for a local boy.

But thanks to football I’ve been able to enjoy some other things.” Wearing the famous colours of the club he grew up supporting, being idolised by the fans – “They loved me and that helped a lot” – and playing alongside some of the greatest names in world football in what Krkic describes as “one of the golden ages for Barcelona” is about as good as it gets. Except everyone hoped for more when it came to Krkic, especially after that explosive breakthrough season.

Looking back, there were signs that all was not well towards the end of that campaign, when Krkic asked not to be taken to the 2008 European Championship, saying he was “physically and emotionally shattered”.

Passion and pressure “I love the passion at Barcelona, but I like it here.

In Spain, people do not respect the players, the same in Italy.

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“He is very close to us and that’s why I like him.” Life at Stoke Adapting to life at Stoke has not been seamless.

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