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Jin-Pyo also raises the baby Lee Yun-Seong and eventually trains him into an elite soldier.

Lee Yun-Seong, now a young adult, enters a village in Thailand and spots a Korean man, Bae Sik-Joong (Kim Sang-Ho), being shaken down by Thai gang members.

A few days later, Lee Jin-Pyo loses a foot while saving Lee Yun-Seung from a landmine.

While Lee Jin-Pyo is recovering, he finally tells Lee Yun-Seung about his birth father and how he was killed by his own government.

Glad that the romance on screen actually ever continued in real life though it ends eventually :)) Effortless acting but feels so real.

While the president and other high ranking public officials were visiting Myanmar an explosion occurs there set off by North Korean agents.A sniper on the submarine kills all of the special forces members except Lee Jin-Pyo - who survives and swims back to South Korea.Lee Jin-Pyo, carrying out a promise to his fallen comrade and good friend Park Moo-Yul, goes to Park Moo-Yul's home and snatches away Moo-Yul's baby, while Moo-Yul's wife hangs clothes outside. Lee Jin-Pyo sets up a camp in the jungles of Thailand, while growing and trafficking illegal narcotics.Lee Yun-Seong takes the photo and places it next to his bed.He becomes emotionally attached to the woman in the photo even though he has never met her.

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