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“Why I Did Not Go To Jail” Michelle (note: her name has been changed) comprehensively understood software accounting, business models, and best practices, and she was beloved by Wall Street in no small part due to her honest and straightforward reporting of her previous company’s business.

In my reference checking, at least a dozen investors told me that they made far more money when the numbers disappointed than when the company outperformed, because they trusted Michelle when she said that things were not worse than they appeared and bought on the dips.

What many businesses don’t realise, however, is that setting up an auto-enrolment scheme isn’t always expensive.

For as little as £15 pcm* companies, like ourselves, will set up and manage your auto-enrolment capability.

If you already have a pension scheme up and running, you will still have to ensure it meets the new AE rules.

Put simply, an eligible employee is one aged between 22 and State Pension Age and earning over £10,000 a year.

As an industry, we’re reliant on, and to some extent blinded by, data but often data doesn’t tell the whole story.

There’s been much talk about the number of companies seemingly procrastinating over their auto-enrolment staging deadline with the statistics varying from between 20 per cent and 40 per cent of companies either leaving their staging date to within a month of the deadline or missing the deadline altogether.

One area where she thought we were less than competitive was our stock option granting process.

Truth – It’s understandable that some small businesses employing a handful of staff do not feel as though they have to offer AE.

Indeed, under the old stakeholder pension regulation, this only applied to businesses employing five members of staff or more but the new AE legislation takes a very different tack.

Assess your employees and communicate with them – Any eligible employees need to be enrolled – we are here to help with that too.

Backdate any missed contributions – In order to become compliant, you will need to backdate contributions for all employees who are eligible or who have opted in.

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