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The goal of legacy transformation is to retain the value of the legacy asset on the new platform.In practice this transformation can take several forms.

If a rewrite is necessary, then the existing business rules can be extracted to form part of the statement of requirements for a rewrite.

Legacy system modernization is often a large, multi-year project.

Because these legacy systems are often critical in the operations of most enterprises, deploying the modernized system all at once introduces an unacceptable level of operational risk.

With a multitude of commercial and bespoke options available for modernization, it’s critical for the customers, the sellers and the executors to understand the intricacies of various modernization techniques, their best applicable implementations, suitability in a particular context, and the best practices to follow before selecting the right modernization approach.

Over the years, several different options have come into being for legacy modernization – each of them met with varying success and adoption.

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Software migration is the process of moving from the use of one operating environment to another operating environment that is, in most cases, is thought to be a better one.

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