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If you are uncertain if you have BTO credentials, please search the knowledge base for “bto credentials”.Please do the following: 1.) Go to https://bto.bluecoat.com/download/product/4 . If you do not know if you have BTO credentials, search the knowledge base for “bto login”.If you don’t have BTO credentials, then use solution #1 above. Click on the PLEASE READ link and view the release notes.

Paste the URL from step 5 above into the Update Location box and click on the Save Changes button.There are 3 ways to upgrade the firmware/software on Blue Coat proxy AV device.Problem Description How do I update or upgrade the Proxy AV firmware? Resolution This document will walk you through the process of updating or upgrading the Proxy AV firmware on your Proxy AV appliance.Make note of the URL (Example: AV_3.3.1.1_54516_All Platforms.direct ).NOTE: You may need to configure your web server so that when it serves up the file, it provides a Content-type of something similar to application/octet-stream.

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Please do the following: 1.) Go to the Proxy AV Management Console (https://:8082 ) and login.

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