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A verification SMS will be sent to your phone - these were not working worldwide the first day, but now appear to be - and Duo should be smart enough to pick up the code from the SMS and input it inside the app. If you've ever used Whats App, you'll quickly spot the similarities.

Thankfully, Knock Knock doesn't work for contacts you don't have in your address book - a nice way to avoid unsolicited images from people you don't know.All you need to contact someone on Duo is their phone number, which more often than not you already have for all the people you might want to video call.Part of what made Whats App so popular as a messaging client, and then again as a Vo IP alternative, was the low-entry barrier (plus free price and multiplatform support).If I dare say it, it's the millennial's () approach to video calls.Once that foundation is built and trust is gained with users, I'm sure Duo will start adding more traditional options and filling the gaps for a more demanding user base.

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