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Educated couples enjoy a higher standard of living as dual professional incomes catapult them to the more affluent tiers of the economic strata.

They suffer less financial stress than their less educated counterparts.

Some use sexual tactics to ramp up their competition for men.

They dress more provocatively, send more sexually explicit texts, consent to sex sooner, and hope that things turn into something more than a brief encounter.

Additional elements of the mating mind exacerbate it.

A key cause stems from the qualities women seek in committed mateships.

What are the potential solutions to the mating pool shortage for educated women? Expand the range of men they are willing to consider as mates? The same mating desires responsible for the skewed gender imbalance to begin with continue to create unfortunate obstacles to human happiness.

And although a few social scientists deny the data, research overwhelmingly shows that men harbor, on average, a greater desire for sexual partner variety.

Intelligent, educated women may go for a less accomplished partner for a casual fling, but for a committed partner they typically want mates their own age or a few years older, and at least as educated and career-driven.

Since education takes time, the sex ratio imbalance gets especially skewed among the highly educated—those who seek advanced degrees to become doctors, lawyers, or professors, or who climb the corporate ladder post-MBA.

In places like large cities in China, with their surplus of men, women can better fulfill their desires while many men remain frustrated and mateless. For every surplus of women in places like Manhattan, there exist pockets where men outnumber women, such as schools of engineering or the software companies of Silicon Valley.

But when there are not enough men to go around, women predictably intensify their sexual competition.

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Assortative coupling on education level does have an unintended down side—it’s a major contributor to economic inequality in the larger society, widening the gap between the haves and have-nots.

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