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There had been peaceful protests and sit-ins over this in the past, but this time it added to the sense of general discontent.

Some of the protest, albeit a small part of it, has gone beyond immediate economic woes, with strident condemnation of corruption, the power of the conservative clergy as well as foreign policy, especially Iran’s involvement in the Syrian conflict.

In reality there has been little reaction abroad to the marches in a number of Iranian cities and the counter-demonstrations which have followed.

But the disturbances will be good news for Mr Trump as an avowed adversary of Iran, a belligerent stance he forcefully reiterated in his first foreign trip as President, to Saudi Arabia on an arms-selling mission.

Demonstrations had taken place in the holy cities of Mashhad and Qom. In three visits to Qom in the last 18 months I had been struck by the increasing number of young people, including theology students, who had come forward to stress the need for change and reform, reflecting similar refreshing views in other cities.

But the hardliners remain a power to be reckoned with in Iran and they have been blamed by some for instigating the current troubles.

The liberals note that the marches began after a number of recent reforms – the most eye-catching of which was the announcement that women in Tehran will no longer face potential arrest for not wearing head-scarves – were announced.

More than 7,000 people have signed an online petition saying that building tunnels under two temples, which contain 'holy fire', would desecrate their sanctity, forcing nature to exact its revenge.

But when social movements and protests start in the streets, those who have ignited them are not always able to control them” he stated.

What happens next will depend on the scale of any further protests and the authorities’ reaction to them.

They became one of India's wealthiest communities, boasting a number of famed industrialists including the Tata family synonymous with the financial rise of Mumbai. Across India, where most Zoroastrians live, their numbers have halved since 1940 to around 60,000.

They believe in the god Ahura Mazda and follow the teachings of the ancient Prophet Zoroaster, viewing fire as the symbol of god's purity.

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It is hoped it will ease the burden on Mumbai's notoriously overcrowded trains and help reduce traffic on its heavily congested roads.

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