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I tell him that I am vey depressed because of it, but he doesn't buy it. I infuse small dosis and then go away for him to digest. After i confronted him, he was on myspace the next day looking at every mimimally dressed girl he could find even though he knew our marriage was in trouble... I think that what your husband is doing is also very disrespectful to you and the fact that he won't stop even though it hurts you is awful.In any case, this is causing a lot of distress for me (for him, he seems to be perfectly happy), I feel we are growing apart and I feel very taken for granted and disrespected. I found out my husband had been looking at porn after a year of marriage... I'm still not over what my husband did, so if he's not even willing to stop then how would you get over what he is doing?I would suggest counseling and if he's not willing to work on it then i would leave...

its up to you to decide how depressed you are going to get over this.

its actually that he doesnt think about it, so he doesnt have anything to say.

'do whatever you want, and i'll do whatever i want', is what he is saying about the relationship.

Ask yourself, what does a person need to do to just be your friend? and most importantly, what does a person need to do to be in your most intimate circle?

Write down in each of these categories what someone needs to do to be in them, for you.

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Why would it be a good thing that he never says No to you and that he lets you do whatever you want?

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