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ALSO: Before you book, clear your browser cookies (not just the cache, the actual *cookies*), close the browser, and then open it again.

First, Don’t be Mislead: Flying Sucks: There’s no way around that fact. This blog post does not promise to make flying not suck.

The fear of people staring, saying cruel things, sighing or making a fuss when I sat next to them or, worse, being asked to leave a flight or purchase two seats — all of this felt insurmountable to me. But I steeled myself, determined to not let fear dictate the terms of my love-life.

My world became only as large as my free time and car travel allowed. I was working hard and had a little extra money — enough to buy a first class, domestic ticket. Fueled by lust and giddy with romance, I closed my eyes and jumped.

My Story: I’m not exactly sure (year-wise) when I stopped flying.

I just know that, at some point, the anticipatory anxiety of air travel began to eclipse any/all perceived benefits of pushing through it.

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