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I could see her face glowing, illuminated by the bright white screen of her cell phone, which she held hidden under the menu like an 8th grader cheating on her Social Studies test. You know the smile: curt, sincere, wielding no metaphysical emotion but for the purest form of empathy. " Her face soon folded into an expressionless inconceivability, then t I sighed, gazing back down at the menu. I could see veins popping at the height of her forehead.We're both here for reasons we don't even know, and yet it's as if time has come to a fucking standstill. If only we could see the future, if only we knew how precious time was when together, we just might have made it last longer. And, just as I thought it couldn't get any worse... Synapses inside her skull must have fired off into chaotic oblivion.Without really trying, my head did this wobbling droop and tumbled back toward that fateful menu. This was one of those dates you just knew, man—you knew it was going to be worse than Normandy, but you still put your helmet on, grabbed a machine gun, and trudged up the beach, anyway.Passing through time, as if I could somehow leap through worlds via that tiny slit between the menu pages, I searched and searched for something. That's what happens when you're a slave of the she-wolf.The demon and her tricks, they finally caught up with her.I'll never forget that face, so sullen and tearful as the officers started cuffing her.It's almost as if we all somehow share a bond, like intangible tunnels bred by feeling and connectivity, outlasted by the hard drives of human memory, our only pathways to the ether of eternal youth."What... " Her nose was runny or maybe clogged, for she kept sniffling as if she had a cold.I found this only a tad bit odd, given that it was a recurring facet of our three-week-long relationship.

Later that evening, at some house party we had both been invited to, the lavish narcotic soon took root.Of course, the girl I refer to was no actual demon, but she had a few similarities to one or another.She once stole all of her roommates' rent money so she could take a trip to EDC in Vegas, prolly spent it on cheap vodka and a gram of molly.I sighed again, this time getting the message across. Her head jerked upright so fast the wind and overheads rushed through her silky gold hair like melted caramel on a sundae.She was truly beautiful, I cannot take that aspect away from her.

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In the lair of the she-wolf, though, looks can be deceiving and memories can kill.

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