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If you want an easy-to-install, sandwich-style, water-to-oil type of cooler, FRPP’s PN M-6642-MB was used OE on the ’12 Mustang Boss 302.

Accessory Drives Out of the box, most FRPP crate engines have only the crank and water-pump pulleys installed.

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Unless you’ve been cast away on a desert island, you’re aware that Ford’s current performance standard-bearer is the ’11-and-later Mustang TI-VCT (Twin Independent, Variable Camshaft Timing) 5.0L V8 that’s commonly called the Coyote.

And what Ford doesn’t have, the aftermarket does—or soon will.The TI-VCT engine’s oil pan is different from—and won’t interchange with—earlier modular motors because of front-cover changes as well as the relocation of the ignition’s tone ring (aka the crank trigger wheel) from the front to the rear of the crank.If you need more oil control than the stocker provides, FRPP sells the factory Boss 302 oil pan (M-6675-M508) with added baffles, as well as a full-on race pan (M-6675-M50BR) from its Grand Am Racing program.The massive cylinder-head width is an obstacle to swaps into classic Ford muscle cars with their high-mounted shock towers, which make for a narrow engine bay.There’s virtually no chance of squeezing a Coyote into a stock early Falcon or ’65–’66 Mustang engine bay, but it may be possible to notch the shock towers on the later, wider cars, retaining a basically stock front end but with coilover shocks or struts.

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