Gay dating in austin

Their online experiences have left them soured because of how shallow it can be.

H4M even asks clients not to mention that they’re using the service to others.

“A lot of people move for corporate Texas, and it makes sense for quality of life and professionally, but there aren’t a lot of other gay people around.

Maybe you live in Katy and you’ll come in for a match or meet halfway.” Shaklee also says that there is talk of matching people from different cities with one another.

This city, and the queer, trans, and QPOC communities who call it home, work hard to keep Austin separate from the anti-LGBTQ agendas of many of the state’s high-profile politicians.

In 2017, Austin’s first LGBTQ Quality of Life Advisory Commission was created to help City Council better realize and address the needs of the city’s LGBTQ population. Our last one closed in 2013, but that doesn’t mean there’s a shortage of spaces for queer women.

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Shaklee says that H4M is all about a private, exclusive experience that focuses on quality.

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