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For women “to also experience their most satisfying orgasm, the reciprocation from their male partner should likely be performing oral sex.”Most women need direct clitoral stimulation to have an orgasm.Previous research has found the combination of oral sex with vaginal intercourse increases the likelihood of climax, but since few women opt for oral sex, this reduces the odds.

To bridge the orgasm gap, men need to understand the key to the female orgasm is knowing your partner. Not All Orgasms Were Created Equal: Differences in Frequency and Satisfaction of Orgasm Experiences by Sexual Activity in Same-Sex versus Mixed-Sex Relationships.In the study, over 800 adults in romantic relationships, including men in mixed-sex relationships, men in same-sex relationships, women in mixed-sex relationships, and women in same-sex relationships, were examined.Half of the participants identified with the labels gay or lesbian, while about 5 percent identified as bisexual.Results from the studies suggest that individuals minimize their use of online classified ads when seeking partners.Additionally, users should always use condoms and get tested for STDs regularly.

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