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ENTPs are motivated by a desire to understand and improve the world they live in.They are usually accurate in sizing up a situation.Although very independent, INFJs are intensely interested in the well-being of others.INFJs prefer one-on-one relationships to large groups.That way, if the date went badly, I could keep it short; if it went well, I could *still* keep it short, end on a high note, and leave her wanting more. By this point, it was immensely clear that my date had absolutely zero relationship potential. Over the course of appetizers and a few more drinks, the situation continued to devolve. She was seated on my left, the waiter stood to my right. Fortunately, the first date – at a Gatbsy-esque bar in Midtown – went off without a hitch. I had somehow found the highest maintenance girl in all of New York City. My date had yelled in his face, had gotten him in trouble with the manager. The waiter delivered our main courses with a snide comment. Back and forth they went, until something he said crossed her final line. So the beans flew, as if in slow motion, right in front of my face. Throw something back, leaving me smack in the middle of a giant food fight? INFJs may “silently withdraw as a way of setting limits,” rather than expressing their wounded feelings–a behavior that may leave others confused and upset.

However, they are less interested in generating and following through with detailed plans than in generating ideas and possibilities.

They are intricately and deeply woven, mysterious, and highly complex, sometimes puzzling even to themselves.

They have an orderly view toward the world, but are internally arranged in a complex way that only they could understand.

On the other hand, I do put real stock in the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, which nails me to a ‘t’: ENTPs are quick to see complex interrelationships between people, things, and ideas.

These interrelationships are analyzed in profound detail, resulting in an in-depth understanding of the way things and relationships work, and how they can be improved.

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Abstract in communicating, they live in a world of hidden meanings and possibilities.

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