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The Dead were also the house band at the Merry Prankster's multi-media LSD freak outs, as immortalized in Tom Wolfe's novel The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test.After kickstarting the psychedelic half of the 1960's, the Grateful Dead ultimately outlived the hippie movement, creating their own longer lasting subculture -- the world of Deadheads and Dead tour. Much has been written about the early days of both LSD and the Grateful Dead.Very little has been written about the story of LSD and related the role of the Grateful Dead post-1970's.Enter Jesse Jarnow's new book, Heads, published in the winter of 2016.The LSD network surrounding the Grateful Dead existed as a part of the larger subculture of the band and their fans.For three decades, the band toured relentlessly, playing a different set of songs each night.The book does not directly address the legend of the Grateful Dead Family and the thumbprint, but Jarnow was gracious enough to correspond and speak with me about the myths.Consider this a solid source -- an end to all rumors.

Passing the thumbprint test is required before one is allowed to buy and sell weight (large quantities of LSD).One fo-rum member, chinacat72, described the thumbprint initiation in a series of posts dating back to 2003.These posts have been discussed and linked across all the Internet's seediest sites, from Reddit to the Dark Web.Phil Lesh's book Searching for the Sound describes the band's early heady days.Rhoney Stanley's memoir Owsley and Me: My LSD Family offers an account of the larger LSD world, and Nicholas Schou's book Orange Sunshine chronicles the generation of acid dealers who followed immediately after Oswley, with a focus on another "hippie mafia" called the Brotherhood of Eternal Love.

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