Dating versus boyfriend

There are people who can lie in a relationship and then there are people who can’t.

There are people who can be lied to and get over it and then others who can’t.

You know how horrible you felt, and that you aren’t a bad person. You looked at someone you cared about right in the eye and bold-faced lied to them. You decide for yourself if the person you are with is someone who you trust and who loves you.

If you are capable, and you are a decent person, well then, you feel anyone is capable of cheating. Or he is the opposite, someone you can’t trust and not worthy of your time or your love. Once you find the answer, guide your behavior accordingly.

Often, when someone makes us feel unworthy, we have a tendency to feel less secure about ourselves and wonder if there is something better out there for them.

We use our past experiences to guide how we behave in the future.

If when he comes home he grabs a drink, and you know he’s had a bad day and to lay off, that is a behavior you come to expect and know how to react to. 25 questions to find the truth] However, if your past experiences with him have totally changed, and suddenly you don’t know what is up, how to react, or what is going on in his head, something’s obviously not right.

Or if they compare us to someone whom they’d like better.

It is hard to think that a guy who isn’t happy with you, or doesn’t say nice things about you, won’t find someone better and jump ship.

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If you caught him lying and you worry about trusting him again, the chances are good that he is okay with lying. Those two types of personalities, in general, don’t really jive. When you are in a relationship, you notice patterns of behavior in your mate.

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