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As Professor Pettinato has pointed out, these are the sorts of tablets that scholars dream about, but rarely find.

Personal names are included, and in one text alone 260 geographic names have been given.

Here the provisions were stored, tribute was collected, and apprentice scribes did their copying from the tablets which they would take temporarily from the royal archives themselves.

A wide variety of tablets were copies, and this is of tremendous importance, for it means that today we have a wide range of these copied tablets available for study.

It appears that the city was defended by mercenaries rather than by its own army. There are literary texts with mythological backgrounds, incantations, collections of proverbs, and hymns to various deities.

There are elaborations as to the penalties incurred when a person is injured, and there are details about various trials.

It was this writer's privilege to participate in these public functions, as well as in more private meetings with the archaeologists and with a number of leaders in the field of Biblical archaeology and Semitic studies.

What the Tablets Are All About It is probable that the 17,000 tablets so far recovered are not from the major royal archives, but are rather a collection of records that were kept near the central court.

Vocabulary Lists in Two Languages There are syllabaries of grammatical texts, making it possible to go from one language to another.

There are no less than 114 Sumerian Eblahite vocabularies, these being the first such lists recovered from any ancient site.

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