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As indicated above, there are NO REPORTS that the male companions beat on the duff.Thus, beating on the duff is allowed for WOMEN (not men) because it is typical of them, and Allaah’s Messenger permitted them to do it, but he (saws) forbade men’s imitation of women and vice-versa.As for the men, during his time, not one of them would beat the duff nor clap their hands.Rather it is confirmed in the Two Saheehs that He (saws) said: “Clapping the hands is for WOMEN (not men); and raising the voice with tasbeeh [Saying subhaanallaah (may Allaah (swt) be exalted)] is for men.

The war between the two tribes went on for one hundred and twenty years – until Islaam came.Quran An Sunnah Society Duff: A musical instrument similar to a tambourine, though it has no bells or cymbals Singing accompanied by the beating of duff is an approved type of lahw (vanity) for WOMEN during the Eid.Aa’ishah (raa) said: “Allaah’s Messenger (saws) entered (my house) when I had two little girls singing the songs of Bu`aath (Pre-Islaamic war lore) and beating on a duff; so he lay down on the bed and turned his face away.Likewise, the permissible singing during weddings is specific to WOMEN; it is NOT allowed for men.” (Tuhfat ul-Awathee 0) And Ibn Katheer (raa) said: “…Nothing is excluded from that prohibition of musical instruments, except beating the duff for the young girls – during Eid days, at the arrival of a respected individual from travel, and during weddings – as has been indicated in the hadeeths, and as has been established in various places.

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And it is impossible that anything like that would ever take place in the Prophet’s (saws) presence without him objecting adamantly to it.

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