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One might think that the “English” version of Hatnefrumut’s name would be enough…

but try searching the major search engines for any of the above – they all result in many pages of information regardless of the modern-day language used.

Apparently the mummy of Amenirdis I has been found, but not in Medinet Habu and the BM archaeologist was unable to tell me where the mummy was found or where it had been moved to.Henuttawy, daughter of Pinudjem II is also depicted here.It was from this time on that the God’s Wives adopted a coronation name as well as a birth name.I would like to know that the mummy of this Royal Queen is intact and, hopefully, in good condition but no-one seems to have any answers regarding the whereabouts of Amenirdis I’s remains. If a museum has the remains kept in a safe environment then I would be very happy to know that.If a private collection has obtained the mummy I would hope that an expert has been consulted to aid in preservation.

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