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In the season eight episode "Power", it is revealed that Lana really returned so that she could steal Lex's "Prometheus" technology, which harnesses alien DNA to give the wearer of a "super-suit" superhuman abilities, for herself.

By the end of the episode, the procedure is complete, and Lana becomes just as strong and invulnerable as Clark.

In Smallville, Lana is the love interest for Clark Kent, though, in the first season she is dating Whitney Fordman.

By season two, with Whitney's departure, Lana and Clark begin to grow closer.

Clark's dishonesty over the secrets he is hiding causes their relationship to end. Eventually, Lana learns the truth about Clark and they get back together.

After stealing a kryptonite-powered suit from Lex, Lana absorbs an enormous amount of kryptonite radiation, which prohibits her from getting too close to Clark, and she leaves Smallville for good, but vowed to continue to use her powers to preserve life.

When Winslow Schott puts a kryptonite bomb on the roof of the Daily Planet, Lana is forced to absorb all of the kryptonite to deactivate the bomb.Lana Lang is a fictional character on the television series Smallville.She has been a series regular since the pilot episode, and has been played continuously by Kristin Kreuk, with two other actresses having portrayed Lana Lang as a child and as an elderly woman.As a result, Kreuk learns about the development of Lana as Lana is learning in the show, just as Welling does with Clark Kent.By season three, Kreuk had decided to "invest" herself less in her character, as she felt that her character's ultimate development was entirely in the hands of the producers.

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