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This museum was great fun and would only be better if they could include signage in English.Tram 91 is the famous Historical Tram that starts at the Transport Museum ( # 41 above) and goes through downtown to Holešovice. You’ll see them weaving in and out of the crowds and ruining your photo opportunities. When we first arrived we were a bit overwhelmed by the language barrier, the logistics of getting things done, and number of tourists in the city center.We also found Prague to be incredibly efficient when it comes to dealing with those day to day things that at first seemed a challenge. Just off the Old Town Square, this tower is one of the city’s most famous attractions.You’ll be tired of following the crowds and will have sore feet from walking all the cobblestone streets. We’ve never seen as many Thai massage parlors (outside Thailand) as in Prague and now understand why they are so popular. Touristy; but good Czech food, great beer (they make their own), and you might be sharing the table with some interesting people. Great views of the city, especially in the early evening.See some great Art nouveau architecture along the river in the area between the For fans of architecture; this building is the work of Frank Gehry who also designed the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao.

The Klementinum is the largest and most historic complex of buildings in the Old Town.

You can actually keep yourself busy up here all day without taking one of their tours.

The highlights I’ve mentioned above are the 4 most popular tourist spots in Prague.

The Tram runs every weekend and is operated by retired tram operators who are happy to give you information on the trams and share stories. But it’s a popular activity among tourists and actually looks like fun…

A great way to see the sites while relaxing with a beer.

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Visit it when it chimes on the hour and keep an eye on your valuables – this is the favorite spot of Prague’s pickpockets. Its very touristy and the tours on offer at the Information office are, in our opinion, a tourist trap. Vitus, walk the Golden Lane, stroll through the Gardens for great views of the city.

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