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A number of other eyewitnesses have described the assault as clearly being motivated by King being perceived as black, describing how he was routinely attacked with racial slurs because of his curly black hair.In August 2015, Milo Yiannopoulos questioned King's biracial identity in an article for Breitbart. First, King's birth certificate, which lists Naomi Fleming and Jeffrey Wayne King (both of whom are white) as King's parents.King and the Rice family's new legal counsel, Benjamin Crump, then started a second charity drive with the proceeds going directly to the family. The detective who investigated the case in 1995 described King's injuries as "minor".

King and his supporters expressed concern that such questions were an attempt to distract from the Black Lives Matter movement.They're hailing this as a victory." King has raised money for multiple causes including the Tamir Rice shooting, and various incidents where the Black Lives Matter movement has been involved.Through the fund-raising website, You, King raised ,000 for Rice's family.This inspired him to launch Twit, a charity auction site.Twit Change held Twitter charity auctions on e Bay where celebrities offered to retweet winning bidders' tweets in exchange for support of a particular charity.

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On October 2, 2015, the New York Daily News announced that it was hiring King to the new position of senior justice writer, where he will focus on reporting and commentary on social justice, police brutality and race relations.

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