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I want to share with you yung mga important terms na dapat mong matandaan habang nag pa-process kayo ng k1 Visa at isasama ko na rin yung mga ginawa ko at mga experiences namin sa bawat terms na yan 🙂 Mahaba to kaya get ready! DS160: Once ready na yung case mo for interview you can create your DS 160 online.Eto yung form for non immigrant visa na need mo i fill up so you can proceed with your interview schedule. Make sure na DS 160 yung form and not DS 260 kasi maraming nacoconfuse jan. Embassy Consular Letter: Before ka mag schedule nag interview make sure nareceive mo na or ni F mo yung Embassy Consular Letter or Eligibility Letter stating that your case has reached the Embassy and you are ready for interview.Further, its waterfront location makes it an easy place for traders to meet at the various Dubai ports. It is a peninsula located on the shore of the Persian Gulf region of the United Arab Emirates (UAE).It shares borders with Abu Dhabhi, Sharjah and Oman.What is interesting is that many people know or have heard a lot of Dubai but don’t exactly know where it is located.If you have read the discussions in the About Dubai City section you must already know that Dubai has made a lot of money because of its free trade zones.Iinclude din sa letter yung list of documents that you need to bring and yung physician panel lists where you can take your medical. Scheduling your interview: Once you received the letter from the Embassy you may proceed scheduling your interview via online registration here.Read carefully and follow each step para di magkamali 😉 If ever you encounter error take a screen shot and send an email to [email protected]

KEEP the vaccine records and make sure may check mark yung Vaccination Completed sa bottom part dahil importante ito sa greencard application.Sa pag pili ng schedule make sure may at least one or two weeks ka to prepare for documents and do your medical para naman di ka ma stress lalo. Embassy: Dito kayo mag iinterview with the Consul or Immigration Officer.Here’s Abu Dhabi Embassy Website for more information.Pinag usapan namin na by March magstart na kami magprocess na K1.Sa google ako syempre una nagresearch at nakita ko ang site na Visa Journey.

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You will be interviewed by the Civil Surgeon/Doctor regarding sa medical history mo and will ask you if you would like to have the vaccines, i said YES since I know yung vaccines will be needed once I apply for Adjustment of Status or Greencard.

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