18 most outrageous reality tv dating shows dating a quiet guy

Matchmaking show, narrated by Charlotte Hudson Locken Loaded Season 1 Episode 6/Lee Anne is unhappy that Marie has shared an embarrassing secret and confronts her supposed friend - with back-up from Tiffany.

Brandi and Bryan argue over his no-show at her party Natalie L Season 3 Episode 33/40Natalie from Bradford chooses three blind dates from five potential partners, based entirely on the menus they have created.

to Atlanta Season 2 Episode 1/10Documentary following the work of three of Atlanta's leading plastic surgeons. Meanwhile, Ne Ne reveals more than just her new nose to Cynthia and Phaedra uses a jar of pickles in her pregnancy photoshoot Season 3 Episode 10/14Mick and Kirk bond during a fishing trip, Sam spends a cosy Sunday lunch with the Wright family, and Arg tackles his body-image issues - starting with his teeth.

Last in the series Trashed Collection Season 3 Episode 6/18Ne Ne tries to inspire her son to pursue a career by introducing him to Cynthia's club owner boyfriend.

American reality series following the highs and lows of privileged women and their families in the capital city of the state of Georgia Season 3 Episode 11/14Reality series following a group of people in Essex, including nightclub promoters Joey Essex and Mark Wright, former Playboy bunny Chloe Sims, glamour model Sam Faiers and wedding singer James `Arg' Argent.

With each episode filmed just a few days before transmission, they will find out exactly what other people in the show are saying about them as well as discovering secrets that will affect their lives She Can Dance?

Having dined with each of them, she decides who she wants to see again.

Cara and Billie get ready to enjoy a night on the town, Mark tries to woo Sam, and Mario shows Lucy his Italian side Hot Mama's Day Season 3 Episode 5/18Kim expresses her views on cheating when she is a guest on Kandi's internet chat show.As they head out on their second date, will Calvin and his chosen lady find lasting love?Trashed Collection Season 3 Episode 6/18Ne Ne tries to inspire her son to pursue a career by introducing him to Cynthia's club owner boyfriend.Ramona has a panic attack on a hiking trip Hollman Holiday Season 1 Episode 8/Stephanie tries to plan a birthday party for her husband, while Lee Anne invites Tiffany and Stephanie to a charity event for women with HIV.Brandi invites everyone for a weekend trip, which leaves some of the women confused Killing Time in Austin Season 1 Episode 9/The women head to Brandi and Stephanie's lake house in Austin for a fun getaway, while Lee Anne is shocked to learn that the details of a secret from her past are public knowledge Stephanie Season 3 Episode 38/40Stephanie from Edinburgh takes part in the show, choosing three blind dates from a selection of five potential partners, based entirely on menus they have created.

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