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The pair was particularly influenced by a Mad parody of Superman named "Superduperman"; Moore said, "We wanted to take Superduperman 180 degrees—dramatic, instead of comedic".

The writer came up with the character names and descriptions, but left the specifics of how they looked to Gibbons.

Gibbons did not sit down and design the characters deliberately, but rather "did it at odd times [...] spend[ing] maybe two or three weeks just doing sketches." Gibbons designed his characters to make them easy to draw; Rorschach was his favorite to draw because "you just have to draw a hat.

If you can draw a hat, then you've drawn Rorschach, you just draw kind of a shape for his face and put some black blobs on it and you're done." When writing the script for the first issue, Moore said he realized, "I only had enough plot for six issues. " His solution was to alternate issues that dealt with the overall plot of the series with origin issues for the characters.

Gibbons used a nine-panel grid layout throughout the series and added recurring symbols such as a blood-stained smiley face.The writer felt it did not matter which set of characters he ultimately used, as long as readers recognized them "so it would have the shock and surprise value when you saw what the reality of these characters was".Giordano was receptive to the proposal, but opposed the idea of using the Charlton characters for the story.Further Watchmen imagery was added in the DC Universe: Rebirth Special #1 second printing, which featured an update to Gary Frank's cover, better revealing the outstretched hand of Doctor Manhattan in the top right corner.Doctor Manhattan later appeared in the 2017 four-part DC miniseries The Button serving as a direct sequel to both DC Universe Rebirth and the 2011 storyline "Flashpoint".

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